Instagram archive: how to unarchive posts and stories

Instagram archive how to unarchive posts and stories

Archive on Instagram 2023 is a section that contains archived posts, stories and live broadcasts.

If you accidentally added a photo to the archive, you can easily unzip the post.

How to archive a post on Instagram

  1. Find the desired post.
  2. In the upper right corner, touch the three dots icon Instagram three dots (Android), icon Instagram three dots iphone (iPhone).
  3. Click on the “Archive” button.
  • After adding a publication to the archive, it will disappear from the profile for all users;
  • You can only add your own publication to the archive.

Where is the archive on Instagram? How to find an archived photo?

Archived photos on Instagram are located in a special section.

You can find it in the following instructions.

Where are archived photos on Instagram

  1. Open your profile icon Instagram account in the lower right corner.
  2. Open the menu menu icon Instagram from above.
  3. Touch “Archive” icon Instagram Archive (in 2023, touch “Your activity” icon Instagram your activity).
  4. Initially, the “Stories archive” is displayed, select “Posts archive” from the top left.
  • To unarchive a post, open it in the archive, tap the three dots icon Instagram three dots (Android), icon Instagram three dots iphone (iPhone/computer) on the top right and select “Show on Profile”;
  • You can save the post to Instagram if you wish.

Where will the post that was unzipped appear?

In the same place where it was before. Don’t forget to refresh the page.

By the way, you can see your favorite posts on Instagram in a special section.

How to view Instagram stories archive?

The archive of stories is located in the same section. On the top left, you need to change the “Posts archive” to “Stories archive”.

You can add history to the current one. You can also find an Live Archive here.

How long are publications kept in the archive?

Until you remove them yourself.

Can anyone besides me see the archive on Instagram?

Each user has a separate archive – it is available exclusively to him.

Where is the archive of Instagram from a computer?

The archive is not provided in the web version.

What to do if the archive on Instagram is gone?

In 2023, you can find the archive in the “Your activity” section, open your profile and tap the menu.

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