How do I report a post or profile on Instagram

How do I report a post or profile on Instagram

If a user posts inappropriate content or spam, you can learn how do I report a post or profile on Instagram.

In 2023, sanctions will be applied to violators (the publication will disappear and the account will be blocked).

How do I report a post on Instagram

  1. In the upper right corner of the publication, touch the three dots icon Instagram three dots (Android), icon Instagram three dots iphone (iPhone/computer).
  2. Touch “Report” icon Instagram report.
  3. Choose a reason for complaining about the publication.
  4. Follow the instructions and touch “Submit Report”.
  • At the moment there are more than 11 reasons for the complaint;
  • After submitting a complaint, you will be prompted to block the person, restrict access, or unsubscribe.

How long will a complaint to Instagram be considered?

If a post does contain inappropriate content or spam, it will be removed as soon as possible.

There is no exact time, as an automated algorithm works.

If the problem persists, check out how to contact Instagram support.

Can I complain to Instagram about any post?

Yes. You can complain about photos, videos and stories. The above instructions are suitable for photos and videos.

To complain about a story, open it and tap the three dots icon Instagram three dots in the lower right corner, then “Report”. Follow further instructions.

How to cancel a complaint on Instagram?

Unfortunately, at the moment it will not be possible to cancel the complaint (withdraw).

How to complain about a comment on Instagram?

Touch the comment and in the upper right corner click on the “Report” icon icon Instagram Complaint.

Choose a reason for the complaint and send it.

How to report a page on Instagram?

Very simple. Just below the instructions.

Complaint on Instagram

  1. Open the user profile.
  2. In the upper right corner, touch the three dots icon Instagram three dots.
  3. Touch “Report”.
  4. Select the reason for the complaint about the profile.
  5. Submitting a complaint for review.

How many complaints does it take to block a user on Instagram?

One is enough if there are serious reasons for blocking.

If someone impersonates me or publishes my photos without permission, what should I do?

This is copyright infringement. You can write a complaint.

How to complain about copyright infringement on Instagram?

Follow the link and submit a complaint.

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